Evin C. Anderson and Tatiana Ivan co-founded Waverley Knobs several years ago – with a desire to bring compelling stories to the screen. They both had worked with theater and film productions for years, and felt that crews often seemed to sacrifice actor comfort and/or story cohesiveness in favor of equipment, aesthetics and expediency. Following several such productions in rapid succession, Evin and Tatiana decided that they could instead make a film themselves – without sacrificing people or story.

In just 3 months, they wrote, planned, filmed and edited a short 30 minute film, and ensured that both cast and crew had a great experience. Following the success of that first film, “Paperthin,” Evin and Tatiana decided the collaboration was worthy of continuation – except that they would focus on bringing their cinematic storytelling capabilities to the world of business.

As the online world had been rapidly embracing video and digital media, they knew that the “old way” of creating a video could be improved. As equipment became more affordable, more specialized and more widely accessible, anyone could pick up a camera (or a smartphone!) and “make a video,” or outsource graphic design to someone they never had to meet face to face. However, what truly sets apart “just a video” or “just a brochure” or “just a website” from a memorable experience and call to action for customers is a visual showcase of their most compelling message or story — and that is what Waverley Knobs achieves for their clients.


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