Social media has become one of the most important platforms to engage with current customers and reach new customers. Having a social media account for your business is essential. Creating a marketing plan to reach your business goals can be challenging. Here are some steps to create an effective social media Marketing Plan.

1. Set a Goal

• What do you plan to accomplish

• Quantify your goal. Example: Engage a 15% more a month with current Instagram followers.

• Be clear with what you want to accomplish. No more than 2 sentences.

• Be realistic. Don’t set goals that you know are way to hard to reach.

• Have a set budget of money you are willing to invest.

2. Set Objectives

• Here you are going to be more specific and explain more detailed what your goals are.

• Quantify your objectives. Always talk numbers. Example: Growth of 10 followers per day.

• Each objective is one short sentence. DON’T WRITE A PARAGRAPH!

• Use bullet points for each objective.

3. Know your audience

• Who is your primary Audience?

• Who is your secondary Audience?

• Who is your target market?

• What social media platforms do your target audience engages with the most.

4. Strategies and Tactics

• Write down every objective

• Describe how are you going to accomplish each objective

• Use bullet points to explain the strategies and tactics that you are willing to use.

• Be detailed.

• Estimate how much money you need to accomplish those goals.

Your marketing plan should not be longer than one page. After you have created a plan, now you are going to create a calendar or checklist to monitor your posts, and write down the stats and results of your progress. One good free website to get information of social media stats is Other helpful paid measuring tools are Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Buffer, and Simply Measured.


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