First impression counts! When we meet people, the first thing which we see is their appearance. This helps us to form a first impression about their personality and we take a liking, strike a conversation or decide to ignore the person totally, within a matter of split seconds.

This is exactly what happens when visitors come to your company’s website or landing pages. The loading time along with look and feel of the site, will make them to explore it further or close the tab and browse other websites. Here are some tips to optimize your landing page design in the best interest of visitors and potential customers.

Mobile Responsiveness

According to an estimate, more than 75% of the internet users will be accessing it via mobiles by the end of 2015, and the number is expected to grow further. Therefore the websites must be optimized for the mobile. In fact, Google has also updated its algorithm as of April 2015 and SEO rankings of websites which are not mobile friendly will be downgraded. The websites must therefore be easily navigable for the mobile users. This will result in a flawless and pleasant browsing experience for the user.

Establish yourself as an Authority on the Subject

Your would-be customers need to do business with someone trustworthy. Your landing page should showcase some of your achievements. Have a summary of your company’s capabilities, and achievements, put on the landing page. It could even take the form of bullet points, beside your logo. A few genuine customer reviews would also add an extra layer of authenticity.

Create a Trend: Invite People to Join-in

Portray your websites as a trend; list out names of people who joined in and took advantage of it. The very fact that so many people have trusted you will create a positive trend and many people will be eager to take advantage of what you have to offer.

Keep it Simple

The website must be kept simple; this also results in fast load time. Avoid unnecessary text, as too much text on your landing page can cause the customer to leave. If the website is contains too many elements, it is very slow, especially when accessed using a mobile phone.


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