Tasku Babi is an online maternity and babywearing outerwear boutique. It has been in operation since early 2015. The inspiration behind it was the founder, Kat Dunams’s own experience with inadequate winter maternity and babywearing outerwear. Having come across a design that was simple yet ingenious, in her home country of Ukraine, she was determined to bring it to North America where access to this concept is severely lacking. Tasku Babi now specializes in the 3-in-1 maternity and babywearing coats that include 2 zip-in panels – one to add room for a growing belly and the other to accommodate a baby while in a carrier under the mother’s coat.

Dunams’s favorite part is not having to dress the baby in many tiny layers just to be able to take them out in the cold. “It saves you tons of time and energy,” she says, “you just pick up the baby in whatever he’s wearing around the house, put him in a carrier and throw the coat over the both of you. When the dog has to go out right now or you’re out of salt and need to run over to the nearest grocery, it’s a life saver!” Unlike single use maternity coats that end up taking space in your closet after the baby is born, the coats offered by Tasku Babi will serve in multiple situations. And once you’re done with maternity and babywearing – you’re still left with a great coat you can wear on its own.

Originally an online only boutique, Tasku Babi now also has a small showroom for fittings and offers clients fittings in their home, which is extremely helpful for customers who are pregnant or have small kids. Dunams has also just successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign that will allow her to create an even more versatile coat and a version for men that allows parents to carry their children on the back as well. Her goal is to bring this concept to the mainstream as it solves many cold weather problems for parents simultaneously. Additionally, it makes for a perfect baby shower or holiday gift, serving both the mother and the baby. With a variety of styles and colors, accommodating different weather conditions, Tasku Babi currently offers the most variety of maternity-babywearing-self coats from fleece to warm winter jackets.
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