Shooz Concept

Shooz is the first Modular-Tech Travel Shoe that helps space optimization, is customizable and reduces your carbon footprint. How … it’s made of two modular interchangeable parts, a sole and an upper (which we call skin). Imagine eliminating from your luggage the bulk of shoes. It’s not far way. A pair of Shooz skins take up the space of a t-shirt eliminating the bulk and weight of soles and increasing your versatility making you ready for any occasion. Ideal also for the urban explorers, your readers head to work with a classic pair of wingtips, change into running shoes for an afternoon jog and then slip into a pair of moccasins for a casual night out. With Shooz, we’ve refined all of these shoes and turned them into one stylish, interchangeable design. Edoardo Iannuzzi, founder and designer of Shooz explains the concept “I’m a designer and I consult clients all over the world mainly for fashion products and branding. I travel very frequently and only with hand-luggage and I like to be always stylish and ready for business meetings but also for sport and leisure, which is why I created Shooz. I’ll wear a pair at my feet and bring my Shooz skins flat in my suitcase with each of them taking the space of a t-shirt, this way i can be ready for any occasion and yet travel light and compact.”

As far as development goes, no detail has gone unnoticed, each pair is made in Italy with top-of-the-line, quality materials including Italian leather, bio- cotton, an anti-shock sole and an Aquaguard waterproof zipper that protects the interior of the shoe from water and humidity. The technology is patented and we wanted to speed up development so we rolled it out on Kickstarter.

Short Introduction

Shooz Ltd is a startup that focuses on research and development of new technologies applied to footwear. The concept of interchangeable soles and skins is just the beginning, our R&D lab is already working on further innovation to integrate in our product.

How It Started

The idea behind Shooz was inherited from Edoardo Iannuzzi’s (The Founder) experience at Veeshoo, his first footwear brand.  While developing Veeshoo’s design, Edoardo received feedback from clients suggesting that there was demand for a shoe that could separate in two parts, allowing clients to save space and customize their footwear depending on the different occasions. The project starterd off with a year of prototyping followed by the patent application and the preparation to launch on Kickstarter with the design of the first collection,  website and Kickstarter’s page. The rest is history, with great feedback from Kickstarter fans and press and$90000 raised in a month’s pre-sale.

Shooz Skin Pack


  1. This is what I love about the advances in technology – the way people are using their imaginations creating products to support daily living from head to toes. Thanks for sharing this info.

  2. These actually look pretty cool! I pack way more shoes than I need to when I travel. My husband would love it if I found a way to reduce the weight on my luggage.


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