Today Software Optics debuts its ReVu app for editing video taken with iOS devices (iPhone & iPad) for beta testing, to get feedback of this new app prior to official launch to the Apple App Store in March 2016.

With a suite of features that Apple currently does not offer for its smartphone and tablet video cameras, ReVu is set to help millions of people fix and improve video footage. ReVu’s top features include:

  • Picture-in-picture zoom preview
  • GoPro decurving
  • Landscape video from portrait video with zoom

“We all shoot video in a hurry trying to catch that moment. Inevitably you accidentally film your thumb, or forget to film in landscape mode or even with the zoom, the subject is too far away. ReVu fixes all that.” Said Simon Kentish, Founder & Director. “We are looking forward to letting people knock the ReVu app about and give us feedback. All the beta phase input will help us build a great video editor app.”

ReVu allows you to:

  • Adjust the crop “on the fly” as the video plays, using pinch to zoom and motion/touch to pan
  • Trim video, record, replay and edit all interactions
  • Export zoom, pan and trim interactions to a new landscape 1080p HD video
  • Import GoPro™ video with iTunes file sharing or the Camera Connection Kit to remove fisheye lens distortion
  • Convert awkward vertical videos to landscape

ReVu is compatible with ALL supported iOS videos and also straightens fish eye distortion in GoPro™ videos.

To be part of the beta testing phase participants are invited to sign up at: or to email with the subject ReVu Beta. Participants will be entered in a prize draw to win a GoPro HERO4.

About Software Optics
Software Optics is a video technology company based in London, England, specialising in immersive, interactive video.

Find out more about Software Optics: Website | Twitter | Facebook

About the Author

Lisa Devaney is is the founder and Director of Hai Media Group. She is known for applying creative, strategic, out-of-the-box approaches to communications programmes that get fantastic results. She is also an Indie Author, having debuted her first book In Ark: A Promise of Survival in April 2014.

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