A – Is your product suitable?

You might have an amazing product, and maybe even an incredibly reasonable price, but if the product is not suitable for the customers, they won’t want to spend any money on it. No matter how good that product may be, if it’s not something that the customers will use, they won’t buy it.

B – Have you analyzed the market?

Before you can really put out your product, you first need to know if there is even a market for it. Run test mailings and give free samples. See what happens. Check into what people are buying and see if your product can be put into the pile too. You can even look around to see if there is anything similar to your product and see how well that is selling.

C – Who are your customers?

While you are researching what people are buying, also look at who your customers or desired customers are. Age, sex, geographic region, and so on. It’s much more important than so many companies realize. You would be quite surprised and how many companies do not even bother looking into who their potential or desired customers even are. Then end up marketing to the wrong group!

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