Caption: OfferCraft creates a platform for gamification and smart rewards for businesses nationwide, allowing customers to play customizable games on their phones, on tablets, online or near the cash register to win prizes. Credit: Photo courtesy of OfferCraft.
Caption: OfferCraft creates a platform for gamification and smart rewards for businesses nationwide, allowing customers to play customizable games on their phones, on tablets, online or near the cash register to win prizes.
Credit: Photo courtesy of OfferCraft.

Another client struggled to find the right training and assessment tools. OfferCraft’s software allowed the business to create custom educational trivia games for different departments. The staff won prizes for getting questions correct and loved playing and competing in the trivia games. What’s more, they retained more critical information when it was presented in the form of a game, and the company was able to track who tended to answer questions correctly and who did not.

Several pilots became paying customers, and the company began to grow from there.

OfferCraft now serves industries as diverse as hospitality, retail, restaurants, healthcare, energy, education and more. The software platform has evolved into an ever more sophisticated “Motivation Engine,” powered by big data analytics and advanced sensors, that helps present the right incentive to the right person at the right time to motivate the desired action.

From motivating donors to shoppers to students to patients to new hires, OfferCraft is now used by thousands of people every day.

“By improving the effectiveness of existing offers through our platform, we can save companies an immense amount of money and advance their metrics in countless ways,” Ezra said. “Best of all, we can do it in a way that is actually really, really fun. We feel lucky that we get to bring smiles to people’s faces while helping improve the bottom line for our clients. It’s a win-win. That’s what good business is all about, right?”

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Learn More About OfferCraft Team: 

Aron-Ezra-CEOAron Ezra, Co-founder and CEO
Over the course of his career, Aron’s focus has been on helping his clients to inspire and influence their target audiences. He was previously the CEO of MacroView Labs, a San Francisco-based mobile software startup that served the hospitality, travel, event retail and entertainment markets. He grew MacroView into an award-winning, multimillion-dollar company that was acquired in 2011 by Bally Technologies, one of the largest game and casino technology companies in the world. Aron then spent three years leading Bally’s global interactive initiatives. Additional past highlights include serving as a Senior Vice President at Hill & Knowlton, a top PR agency, and as a Director at The Advisory Board Company, a large research and consulting firm. Aron has been invited to give more than 800 presentations on technology and marketing issues at conferences around the world. Seven Magazine named him one of the Most Intriguing People in Las Vegas, and the Las Vegas Business Press named him one of the Top 10 Rising Business Leaders in the city. He advises several tech startups, and graduated with honors from Princeton University.

Keith-MichelKeith Michel, Co-founder and CTO
Keith oversees all the technology and engineering efforts at OfferCraft. He has over 15 years of experience building software platforms, managing development teams, implementing scalable frameworks, and bringing system integrations to life. Previously, Keith was the co-founder and CTO of MacroView Labs, where he architected one of the first cross-platform, cloud-based mobile application frameworks for enterprises to deploy apps. It was acquired by Bally Technologies in 2011, where Keith served as Director of Mobile Technology. The patented software platform is still used by tens of millions of people today. Prior to MacroView, Keith was Chief Software Architect and Senior Technical Director for Boston startup HiWired, whose help desk software was acquired by Radialpoint in 2009. Earlier, Keith was software architect and development manager at EF Englishtown, and also built the Educational Resource Center at the Boston Museum of Science, commissioned by the National Center for Technology Literacy. Keith earned his degree in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University.

Slav-KulikSlav Kulik, co-founder and VP of Engineering
Slav has been building enterprise-grade, high-transaction, secure cross-platform software systems across multiple industries for nearly 15 years. He specializes in coming up with creative ways to construct elegant, massively scalable architectures for deployments built upon the .NET framework and Windows Azure cloud computing architecture. As an engineer at SmartBargains, Slav helped design and implement the company’s fraud prevention, data warehousing, and complete ecommerce platforms which continue to process millions of dollars of daily transactions. As a principal in the architecture group at HiWired (now Radialpoint), he led ground-up marketing platform projects as well as deep process integrations with high-profile clients such as Verizon, Comcast, Clearwire, Virgin Media, and more. While Chief Software Architect for the mobile software company MacroView Labs, Slav co-designed and managed the system as the company grew to millions of users. After MacroView was purchased by Bally Technologies, Slav spent three years leading the continued evolution of the software infrastructure to keep the platform cutting-edge and compliant with different regulatory bodies as the user base more than quadrupled. He holds several patents for his innovations.


  1. that is so creative to put a game in the email to encourage that it would be opened and interacted with. offer craft sounds like they have a lot of great things going for them

  2. Finding a way to reach the right target audience is extremely difficult, but it’s such a benefit to the advertiser AND to the potential consumer who stands to benefit greatly from a product or service that is directly applicable to personal needs and/or wants!


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