Mindprint was started by a husband and wife team, Eric and Nancy Weinstein, after navigating a frustrating process trying to help their struggling 3rd grade daughter. They were both former Wall Street bankers, and Nancy also had experience working with start-ups.

At the time, Nancy was a stay-at-home mom.  As she describes it, “my daughter’s grades were good, but we had this superb teacher who felt she was struggling with something and just wanted to unlock her potential.’” The Weinsteins took their daughter for a psycho-educational evaluation. They found the process to be expensive, time consuming and frustrating in so many ways. So did their daughter. Then they had their “aha” moment.

Fast forward four years and Mindprint Learning now provides confidential, educational assessments of comparable quality at a fraction of the time and cost of the Weinsteins’ own experience. Mindprint uses a scientifically valid, web-based assessment developed by the Brain Behavior Lab at Penn Medicine under an NIH-sponsored grant. The Weinsteins believe there is no equivalent solution for children anywhere else.

Almost any child age 8-21 can be assessed in one hour at a cost of $199. In addition to accurate identification of children’s learning strengths and needs, Mindprint also provides specific, customized recommendations to each child. These actionable strategies can be used at home to improve homework efficiency and improve test grades. If there are signs of a learning or attention issue, Mindprint will recommend parents see a psychologist or other specialist. Otherwise, parents have specific, easy-to-follow suggestions to help a child with study skills and ways for a teacher to provide extra support at school. As Eric explains, “each child is different.  Our experts make certain that the recommendations reflect the specific needs of the individual. “

Mindprint Learning is available online for purchase by parents. Schools and tutors can email the company to learn more about their enterprise solutions.


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Learn more about Mindprint Learning Co-Founders:

Nancy WeinsteinNancy Weinstein, Founder & CEO
Nancy founded Mindprint Learning with the perspectives of both a parent and an innovator. Realizing a need to address a common challenge for parents and educators, she drew upon her background in science and business to create Mindprint, the first ever valid at-home cognitive assessment supported with next-step strategies for growth. Nancy has an extensive background in business, including work at Goldman Sachs, The Walt Disney Company Corporate Strategic Planning, Bristol Myers Squibb, and several smaller Internet companies. Nancy has an MBA from Harvard Business School with first year honors and a BS/BSE summa cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania and Wharton School of Management and Technology Program, Bioengineering and Finance. As a mother of two, Nancy recognizes the challenges parents face today, from helping with homework, to navigating the ever-changing pace of education and technology.

Eric WeinsteinEric Weinstein, Co-Founder & CFO
Eric has been critical to developing Mindprint’s business and financing strategy and is Mindprint’s CFO and Chief Strategic Officer. Before launching his own investment fund, Eric spent over a decade on Wall Street, most recently as a Director at Credit Suisse where he was a key advisor in numerous principal transactions, mergers, equity and leveraged financings. He was also VP of Strategic Planning at Centennial Communications and served on the Board of Ubiquitel, Inc. prior to its merger with Sprint. He currently serves as a Director of Tiger Labs, Princeton’s Healthcare Internet incubator. Eric holds a BS in Economics from the Wharton School.


    • As with everything else with insurance, it depends on your insurance company. You can try to submit and hopefully they will cover it. If you have someone who would benefit and has financial need please have them email me. We want to help every child we can.

  1. i love reading about companies like this that were started out of a family’s need and desire to help others not get the run around at companies who charge a lot of money over a lot of hours when there can be something done much quicker. Mindprint sounds like a great company for me to keep in mind when i have kids

  2. Interesting, this is the first time I’ve heard of this program and I think it’s great. I missed the opportunity though, since my girls are all grown up.

  3. This does indeed sound like a great learning tool for kids. I will have to share this with my sister for her son. Thanks for sharing the information.


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