Many say that if you enjoy your work then it isn’t really work at all – but getting to this situation isn’t easy. According to a study, over 80% of people don’t love their work. So what is the secret to success that so few have managed to achieve, and how can you find work you love?

The first problem is that a lot of people do a job because they think they’re supposed to, or because someone has told them that they should. Therefore, many end up sleepwalking into jobs that they ultimately do not like. Those who choose to be more independent, and discover their own life route, have a greater chance of finding happiness in their job.

Taking a look at somebody who has found the right job and assessing how they’ve got where they have is a good start – you can use their methods to make improvements to your own life. Work out their approach to life and how they pursue their goals, and then use this framework. From there, you can establish the direction you want to take, find the drive to do it, and convince yourself that you can make it. It’s time to stop listening to people who tell you that you cannot do something. Replace these negative thoughts with positive emotions to instil self belief in yourself.

Finding what you’re really interested is also harder than you may think. You may be keen on things that you have never properly explored, so grasp any opportunities that you get to try something new. Do not close yourself off to anything or consider it out of bounds, as that will only hinder you from reaching the objectives you have set yourself.


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