The USA ranks #24th in literacy. Research shows children who do not read on grade level by the time they are 9 years old are more likely to fail and even drop out of school. National reading tests show that while 66% of our 9-year-olds read below grade level, 80% of 9 year olds from low-income schools read below grade level. Creative Minds Publications, LLC, is a global literacy educational company celebrating a decade of improving literacy instruction, particularly in Title I/inner city elementary schools.

Creative Minds Publications creates products and develops services to motivate children, support parents, and inspire fellow educators to love literacy and learning.  CMP is unique because it is an educational company started by a classroom teacher to support fellow teachers (whether at home or at school).  They offer children’s books, teaching resources, school assemblies, writing workshops, professional development, and literacy coaching services.

The founder/CEO, Kathryn Starke majored in elementary education and earned a master’s degree in literacy and culture. She taught first, second, and third grade before becoming a K-5 elementary school reading specialist. She started Creative Minds Publications when she was teaching first grade. Starke initially started the business to provide engaging and educational children’s picture books for below level readers in order to learn content alongside their peers. After that, she developed programs to support moms of elementary aged children learn to read. In addition, Kathryn created presentations and literacy coaching services to help brand new teachers and reinspire veteran teachers to love teaching reading.

Creative Minds Publications work with a variety of clients nationwide. While the company was established to work directly with children, moms, and teachers, they have expanded. Kathryn believes that promoting literacy in your community makes the biggest difference in the lives of our children. Today, they work with colleges, universities, foundations, businesses, and even an NFL team to promote reading. They now train individuals, college students, and business leaders how to serve as a reading tutor or volunteer in the classroom. They only continue to expand as they enter their tenth year in the business and love the opportunity to develop new projects and create new partnerships.


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