Nellie Akalp is trying to help entrepreneurs ease into business ownership by streamlining the incorporation process. Her company,, is a much more affordable option than hiring an attorney but also gives you the piece of mind that the legal paperwork is being completed and filed properly. CorpNet provides tons of free resources and helpful guides for those starting a business so they can learn as much as possible and for free.


CorpNet is an online legal document filing service that helps entrepreneurs across the United States incorporate, Form an LLC, File a DBA and more. Unlike other big-name competitors, CorpNet is a small business helping other small businesses. The team of 10 full-time employees is based in southern California and they are the ones you talk with when you call. Everyone who works at CorpNet is highly knowledgable on the legal startup process and is eager to help.

How It Started

CorpNet started because Nellie Akalp saw a gap in the industry that none of the other companies were filling. She wanted to start up a business again that would be a helpful and resourceful company to entrepreneurs – not just a service. CorpNet was started in Nellie and her husbands’ garage in 2009.

Any Challenges

The main challenge Nellie has come across is trying to stand out from her big-name competitors. She thought that she had to spend a ton of money every month on Google advertising to stand a chance. But that only left her company in the red. After some trial and error, Nellie and her husband and business partner soon realized that they brought in just as much traffic organically via their other marketing efforts so pulled the plug on the advertising. They were able to re-invest that budget into growing their sales team to take CorpNet to the next level.


CorpNet is fully self funded by Nellie and her husband.

Current Status, Growth and Future Goals

In 2015 CorpNet was recognized on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing privately-held companies in America bringing in 2.4 million in revenue last year. Nellie’s company is set to grow even more this year and next. Future goals for Nellie is to take CorpNet to the forefront of the online legal document filing industry.


Get in touch with CorpNet: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Linkedin | Google+

Learn more about the CorpNet founders

Nellie Akalp and Phil AkalpNellie Akalp and her husband and business partner Phil Akalp are the founders of They have been entrepreneurs since 1997 when they started their first business in their small apartment living room with $100. That business, also an online legal document filing service, grew to a large company that was acquired by Intuit in 2005 for $20 million. Instead of retiring early, Nellie and Phil launched CorpNet in 2009. Throughout her career, Nellie has helped incorporate over half a million businesses across the United States.

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  1. What an amazing idea, it’s definitely a good company for people who would like to fire up their own business. It’s really nice that we have companies like CorpNet.

  2. I have used the services of one of the major on line document service providers in the past and have been very happy with it. I am going to bookmark this company in case I have needs in the future. Sounds like they give good service for a reasonable price.

    • Hi Pam – thanks for considering using CorpNet over the service you used before. We have a 5-star customer service rating so many of our clients prefer us over competitors. Should you need our help in the future, feel free to call for a free business consultation to get started!

    • Hi Mardene – Thanks for reading and commenting! We mainly differ from our big-name competitors in that we are a small business helping other small businesses. My small team answers the phone with you call and responds to emails personally. If you’d like I can have you speak with Katie Hendrix in my office for a free business consultation. She can outline your options for you, and if you like she can even assist you with the filings. She can be reached at 888-449-2638 x110.


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