An estimated 43 million plastic water filters are used in home water filtration pitchers and disposed of every year. However, those 43 million filters do not degrade and therefore become permanent fixtures in landfills – an ironic twist on the otherwise economically and environmentally sound practice of using filtered home tap water versus purchased bottled water. Clear Genius is an innovative, cost-effective and eco-friendly upgrade to the existing water pitcher filter.

In addition, here are some facts that consumers may not know about the water they are currently drinking:

  • Bottled water may not be “better” water. While there are regulations on bottled water, there are no guarantees it is any more filtered than tap water. So, consumers may be paying tons of money for water they could potentially get out of the faucet.
  • What’s that smell? Chlorine. Chlorine is added to water sources to keep it free from harmful bacteria and water-borne diseases, but it leaves a strong odor and taste, unless filtered out using granular activated carbon. There are many health risks associated with continuously drinking chlorinated water, and many filtration systems don’t remove it from drinking water.
  • Refrigerator filters may not be filtering much. Most built-in refrigerator water filters only contain carbon, not carbon and ion exchange resin. This means they do not filter out heavy metals, such as cadmium, copper and mercury, which are present in most municipal water sources.
  • Consumers’ water choices may be filling landfills and emptying their wallets. Bottle by bottle, it may not seem like much, but last year, Americans consumed 1,500 plastic bottles of water per second. A water pitcher filter replaces 300 plastic bottles of water.
  • Minerals are good for the human body – drink them. Removing minerals contained in tap water, such as calcium, magnesium and sodium, can be detrimental to consumers’ health. Some water filters remove the bad stuff AND the good stuff.
  • Disposable plastic water filters are filling up landfills. Each year, approximately 43 million plastic water filters used in pitchers are thrown away. They do not degrade and become permanent fixtures in landfills.


The Clear Genius Water Filtration System incorporates a two-piece reusable cartridge and the unique Filter Pod refills, which are made from recyclable casing material, high-grade coconut shell carbon and ion exchange resin. It is the first and only filtration system that has a reusable cartridge with interchangeable Filter Pod refills. Clear Genius reduces environmental waste by removing the need to discard approximately 6 to 12 plastic filter shells per year, as typically done with other leading brands. It also replaces up to 300 standard 16.9 oz. plastic water bottles per one Clear Genius Filter Pod refill.

How it started

The inspiration for Clear Genius comes from a moment COO Roy Mayo had nearly two years ago. As he was finalizing his son’s return to his junior year of college, he went to the store to purchase some essential items for the dorm room. One item on the list was a replacement filter for his son’s Brita® water pitcher. When he entered the aisle with the replacement filters, he stood there and stared, scanned the options and finally decided on a multi-pack so his son would not need to make another trip to the store for some time.

Back in his son’s dorm room, he opened the package to reveal the large plastic item inside. He then went through the process of replacing the used pitcher filter with the new one. Hearing that plastic filter hit the trash can, he immediately thought this big hunk of plastic seemed excessive…and why did he have to throw this filter out every two months?

This bothered him greatly. He couldn’t shake the thought that if his family were guilty of throwing these large plastic filters away month after month without any hesitation, then everyone else who bought one was guilty of the same thing.

He knew there had to be a better option and that he could develop a solution…so he got to work, and Clear Genius was born.

How it works

Clear Genius2The Clear Genius two-piece cartridge is the first and only reusable home water filter.  Use of the product is very simple.  The consumer unscrews the top of the cartridge, then removes and replaces the old Filter Pod to resume filtering water.  Each Filter Pod refill filters 40 gallons of water (or two months of total use, whichever comes first) before needing to be replaced, which is equivalent to Brita® and PUR® disposable filters.  The consumer receives the same great tasting water but is not required to throw out the entire filter every 40 gallons – they simply keep the plastic cartridge and replace the Filter Pod refill.  The Clear Genius system allows the consumer to make a more sustainable choice for filtering their water.  Sustainability is becoming a key purchasing trigger for many consumers.

Comparison image


Clear Genius enacted a crowdfunding Indiegogo campaign in October to raise funds to produce the filters.

Current status, growth and future goals

Clear Genius is currently raising funds to produce the filters. The company is aiming to have the product in the hands of consumers by the end of the first quarter 2016.

Clear Genius Logo

Get more information about Clear Genius: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Learn more about the Clear Genius Team:

Steve SchiwingerSteve Schiwinger, President/CEO

Steve has 30 years of sales management experience. Clear Genius was career change for Steve after working at the same company for 21 years. This is also Steve’s first time launching a product as an entrepreneur.

Roy MayoRoy Mayo, COO

Roy has 23 years of experience in product design, product development and manufacturing. He is the author of five patents and numerous innovative product improvements.

Tom Kraatz and Dan Coffman

Tom and Dan have more than 60 combined years of manufacturing and business experience.


    • Kristi – There is a side by side comparison chart in the article above showing the filter’s capabilities and how it compares to Brita and Pur. It is on the website as well.

  1. Very interesting, clean water is very important to me because I want to make sure that my girls drink non-contaminated water. It’s one liquid that we can never go a day without. I’m sure everybody thinks the same.

  2. This is such an informative, important post! I don’t buy bottled water, and haven’t since I saw a documentary about the bottled water industry and the amount of waste that water bottles was putting into our environment. It was all very depressing and scary to me. We do have water filters in our home that I feel are a lot safer than the water bottles you can buy at the store.

  3. Our water has a high salt content so it is a must to either use a good quality filter or buy bottled water. I will look into this product and see if it can work for us.

  4. Hi, this is Steve from Clear Genius. It is awesome to see everyone’s comments about our new innovative product! Thank you, we are so excited to bring this product to market in 2016! If you sign up for updates at , we will keep you informed on when and where our product will be available. You will also receive updates on pre-launch contests, giveaways and coupons as we get close to our release date in late Q1 2016. Currently, we are working to finish our packaging and production tooling. We are also in the process of getting our product certified to industry standards.
    Clear Genius will work with Brita, Pur or Clear Genius pitchers. Our goal is to bring you the same great tasting water – but allows you to only replace Filter Pod refills instead of the entire plastic filter each time. If you have any additional comments or questions, please contact us at or on Facebook. Thanks again for your interest!

  5. Clean water is something that is important to me. You can’t just make me drink water from anywhere because I am scared of waterborne diseases. I am sure that this product will make waves in the market and should be helping a lot. The filter pods are a great idea.


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