BrowseU is a new startup that aims to help solve a huge problem for a large number of people, student loans. Student loan debt in the U.S. has already exceeded $1.3 trillion. It’s growing at a staggering rate of $2700 per second and over 40 million Americans now hold at least one student loan. This is a huge problem with not many places to turn for help. This is the exact reason BrowseU was created. Founders Mike Scudder and Joe Roberto both have student debt of their own. They also both have a background in web development. They’ve worked together on multiple projects in the past and Mike explained, “It was only a matter of time before we applied a business model to something that has such a huge impact on our day to day lives.”

BrowseU is a search engine with a twist. They took a basic everyday tool, and molded it into something that can help solve a nationwide problem. It works the same way as Google, Bing, or any other search engine you’re currently using. You can search for information, websites, news, images, videos, you name it. The difference is they share their advertising revenue with their users.

Signing up for the site you’re automatically placed into the Queue. This is a line generated of users in the order that they signed up. Each user is given a potential $500 of student loan help just for doing so. However, they allow this to be increased up to $2000 by completing various social media and referral achievements. It’s completely free to sign up you never have to pay a dime to be eligible to receive your money. Just by the users adopting the search engine and searching as they normally would throughout the day generates the money given out. It’s quite simple. They help their users one person at a time starting at the top of the list. This allows them to use the power of numbers and work as a community generating ad revenue quickly for a single person. Once that person’s funding bar reaches 100%, they move onto the next person in line.

The business is still in their early phase, just launching Oct 26th. However, they didn’t hesitate to share, “We’ve seen an amazing initial response to our website receiving sign ups in over 30 different states already. We’ve blown past our original goals for users, searches, and activity. It’s a very exciting thing to see an idea not only become real, but work.” The good thing about catching BrowseU in their early phase is you can still get a great position in line! Even if you don’t have student loans of your own they allow you to hold a spot for someone who does. This company has a great concept that can really help a lot of people. The best part is you’re most likely already using a search engine, so why not use one that can help someone, or even yourself.

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Learn more about BrowseU: Website | Twitter | Facebook

About Co-Founders

Mike Scudder, Co-Founder

I’ve been an entrepreneur since birth. I studied economics at Colorado State University. I was submerged into a tech position during college and never turned back. I’ve taught myself a great deal of what I know as a web developer and continue to expand my knowledge of this field whenever possible.

Joe Roberto, Co-Founder

A self-acclaimed serial entrepreneur, I enjoy the full scope of product development, from idea to launch. With over 7 years of freelance web design knowledge, I have had to teach myself all aspects of running a business in-order to service my clients. I now apply those learned concepts in helping Startups build & manage their branding/design presence.


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