Approximately 3.6M US students apply to secondary education each year. High school juniors and seniors whose schedules are packed with homework, sports and other activities can easily become overwhelmed with the deadlines for applications — especially financial aid. In addition, many do not have the time, resources or know-how to get students started and through the college application process.


apply101 is a free college application management tool that make it easy to manage everything that needs to be done to apply to and pay for college in one place. This tool is unique because it was built with the ability for students, parents and counselors to collaborate around application deadlines. Students, parents and counselors can create custom tasks and assign them to others. This tool is free to all users and the company does not sell student information.

How It Started

As part of her MBA program at University of Oregon, Natalie Miller of Portland, Oregon applied her years of experience in college counseling and college admissions to create the concept of apply101. She noticed that there was an underrepresented group of students that did not have access to the resources to navigate the complicated college application process. With most students applying to five or more schools, students and parents did not have a tool to manage all the deadlines and deliverables required to apply to college. Towards the end of her MBA program Natalie partnered with fellow classmate, Steve Baer and they worked quickly to launch apply101 in October of 2014.

How it works

The features available in apply101 allow everyone involved in the process to keep track of and manage everything that needs to be done to apply to – and pay for college. In addition to transcripts and essays, the tasks that can be tracked can include financial aid and scholarship information, tasks assigned to a student by a counselor, or tasks a student creates for themselves.


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