Accelevents is a mobilefundraising platform which focuses on powering silent auctions and raffles through online and text-message based bidding.

Together, co-founders Jonathan Kazarian and Zachary Hagopian started Accelevents following a large fundraising event the two entrepreneurs held in Boston, Massachusetts.  Benefitting Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, the event had over 850 attendees.  With such a large crowd, the team was worried that the event’s raffle would become extremely difficult if held to the traditional raffle constraints such as paper tickets, manual sales, etc.

As a solution, Jon and Zach had a friend build a very basic program which would allow for attendees to purchase raffle tickets from volunteers and receive a text message notification for their purchase. Once purchased, guests could then send a text message to a custom phone number for the event in order to submit their bids (a digital form of dropping raffle tickets in a prize bucket).

The raffle ended up being a HUGE success, with over $7,000 raised on the night of the event.  The text-message based system was simple and easy-to-use for event attendees, and made the entire raffle easier to organize for the event hosts. It was out of this fundraiser that the idea for Accelevents was born.

Jon and Zach soon became business partners, with the goal of creating an affordable and easy-to-use mobile fundraising platform.  In addition to the original raffle program that inspired their idea, Accelevents also built out a fully functional online and text-message based silent auction platform.  The new and improved Accelevents Dashboard includes:

  • A Host Dashboard, which allows an fundraiser’s organizer to set up their raffle or silent auction in a matter of minutes and track the performance of their event in real-time
  • Online and text-message bidding capabilities – users can submit their bids or raffle tickets via a web-based platform, or through sms text message
  • Online payment functionality – The Accelevents platform is credit card enabled, allowing users the ability to pay for their silent auction bids or raffle tickets online. This means that your donors do not have to be present at your event to participate and donate!
  • Automatically generated Display Pages for attendees to view around the fundraiser’s venue, or on their mobile device
  • Real-time updates and notifications (i.e. bidders are notified if they have been outbid in a silent auction, and will be alerted of the number of tickets they have remaining for a raffle


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