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7 Tips For The Small Business Owners From Small Business Owners, not just other small business owners but ones that have been successful.

For most, the dream of owning your own business is a far fetched reality. The free life style that apparently comes with being the boss and accomplishing the best of your abilities within your niche or market are, in fact, reality for the small business owner. Of course, there will obviously be more stress than what you could possibly imagined when you were dreaming of you plans, but with planning and a proper strategy you can get past all those tough spot that you will get in. Here are 7 tips that have been developed by successful entrepreneurs that will help to your business be as successful as can be.

1) You Must Develop a Unique Selling Point:

To stand out from other competing businesses, you must develop a unique marketing promotion that pinpoints the benefits your clients will receive from doing business with your company. Do they get speedier service? Don’t be shy, be sure to focus and dramatize it, but always maintain your focus on the customer. “Free Overnight Shipping!” Shout It, “Get Faster Service and Discounted Shipping.” These would be 2 benefits with just one marketing campaign.

What is the deciding decision maker for someone to buy from you instead of your competitor? Here’s a shock to your ego, and don’t take it personally, but you never come into their mental thought. It’s your product, or your service. Realistically, it is a little self-centered, but clients are attracted by offers that point out everything that is a benefit to THEM, not necessarily what you think is best for them.

Do not waste a lot of time creating new products and services to get customers attention. The simple thing is to add a special benefit to the things you already offer. As mentioned before, possibly faster service. The biggest difference that is the most effective are things that emphasize benefits your competition does not or are not wanting to give.

2) Get As Many Testimonials As You Can and Use Them:

All business owners think that their product or services are the best on the market, but it’s not what you think but what your customers think about you and your product that is the only thing that counts to your potential customers. They see things from their objective and point of view. Word of mouth about your business is one of the biggest and longest lasting impact you can focus on.

Testimonials can act as a very important aspect in your advertising – and definitely for small businesses. Big companies with popular names do not worry about this too much, but small businesses should use testimonials as a marketing tool to strengthen their credibility. As well, this is absolutely free advertising.

What other way is there to gain credibility than by developing some satisfied customers and marketing what they say about your business? Here are some other ways to use testimonials as an effective and free part of our advertising campaigns.

3) Have You Heard of Upselling:

Upselling is one of the, if not the most successful advertising skills today. All around you, someone wants you to get or buy more. Like McDonald’s and its “Supersize” choices to stores that try to sell you matching items to match your outfit that you are purchasing, everyone’s doing it. And why not, it works!

Clients already know that your products and service that you provide are amazing. They believe you will come through for them. Well then, it’s much easier to add on more sales to existing costumers who you have already developed a relationship with.

Take every opportunity to “Up” your sales numbers with the customer’s that already exist. Is there another product that goes with the one they are already buying? Show it to them just before the close of the sale. Anything should be able to be added to any sale. This a proven method and highly effective for increasing your sales numbers. You’ll be surprised at the increase of sales you can create just from those customers who are currently already buying from you.


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