Does your company use Twitter as a marketing tool? Even if you are not an active Twitter user, chances are that many of your potential and current clients are subscribers. In discussing the importance of incorporating social media into your marketing plan, I’ve found that some clients are not sure if it is relevant for their businesses. In fact, a few give me that ‘deer in the headlights’ look when I introduce Twitter as a viable way to increase their client base. By educating them, I help them understand the benefits.

As I explain to my clients, Twitter is used by over 304 million people each day who share, connect, promote and brand their business image. If you, like them are still not convinced, here are 4 reasons why Twitter is important for your business.


Imagine having a captive audience waiting for your information every minute of the day. By positioning yourself as an industry expert, you can grow a small community of followers who will have a direct connection to you and who recognize your name and business brand! You can also barter, search for independent contractors or find employees. Twitter provides a great platform to connect with the right people to fit your business needs.

In addition, this is great way for existing customers to provide feedback.

By connecting with similar companies will enable the sharing of idea, best practices and opportunity to gain insight on improving your business.


Most small businesses have a very small marketing budget which results in continuously looking for low cost and innovative ways to leverage their products or services. Twitter is a free social network that can be a rewarding marketing tool for your business. A few examples:

  • Your message will appear across the Twitter board over and over by your followers who will retweet your message to their followers. Can we say ‘viral?’
  • Stay abreast of industry trends to market effectively to potential customers.
  • Publish your Twitter handle on all email newsletters, direct mailings, on your website and all other marketing channels.
  • Promote your latest blog posts and newsletters
    Still having doubts? Well, let’s say you manage an online specialty athletic shop. You can:
  • Track new trends your customers are talking about using Sprout Social, Tweet Reach or Quora
  • Share exclusive Twitter coupon codes using TwtQupon
  • Promote special offers, promotions and events using Hashtracking or Twubs


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