Inbound Marketing in Singapore is slowly but surely gaining awareness. In the past 2 weeks, we were picking up the pace of evangelizing the Inbound concept to our corporate contacts. Most are open to listening, though only some are getting keen about it, but change is coming and our audience are acknowledging that they have plenty of room for improvement on the digital marketing front.

In our conversations, we begin to identify a few common problems or challenges that Singapore businesses share in their marketing efforts. These are the 3 major reasons why you should invest in Inbound Marketing:

1. You Are Not Attracting Qualified Prospects As Well As In The Past.

Seasoned marketers whom we have talked to in Singapore don’t know this, but here’s the shocker: according to a comScore report, 60% of all online traffic are driven by mobile devices! Even companies with corporate websites should not feel ‘safe’ if their websites are not mobile-ready. That’s how fast things have changed. If you’re standing still, you are already as good as moving backwards.

A static website is useless if it’s not generating any value to you. Inbound marketing techniques can be incorporated into your website so that it can work to generate leads in a database, thereby making it a powerful marketing tool.

It is also a time to review your prospecting methods and consider new traffic sources on the Internet. We at iSmart Communications can help you with designing an Inbound strategy blueprint for attracting highly targeted leads. A few recommended ways to do this are:

* Develop buyer personas for understanding your ideal customers and tailoring content creation according to their goals, pain points and interests.

* Demonstrate expertise, establish authority, increase traffic, dominate your niche through blogging

* Extend reach, solidify influence, grow and convert fans and followers through social media

* Increase online search visibility with search engine optimization (SEO)

* Create steady streams of targeted traffic with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising


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