Simply Chickie organic clothing began because the business set out to make people laugh while starting a revolution in the area of making people aware of not only what they put in their bodies, but on their bodies.

Fabric starts as a crop—one that can be sprayed with many pesticides that enter our water and general environment. Those chemicals can remain in the fiber of the product; and, additionally, they can poison the workers farming that crop as well as the population living close to that farm. Seven out of the 15 most carcinogenic chemicals known to mankind are used to grow cotton and the amount makes up 25 percent of the worldwide total use for chemicals.

Short Introduction – What do you business do?

Simply Chickie Clothing creates 100% organic clothing for babies and women designed to spread the mission of CLEAN WEAR across the globe.

How It Started

Simply Chickie started to share a message of hope in the face of Cancer.

Several years ago the owner, Gwendolyn Gardner, experienced the true joy of learning that she was pregnant with her first child. Yet, not 24 hours later she learned she had stage 2 breast cancer. She was shocked, but realized she still had a lot to live for. She decided she was going to do everything in her power to become healthier—not only for her—but for her baby girl. She started analyzing the food she was eating, the cleaning products she was using, the lotions she was spreading all over her body, and the clothing she was wearing—all things that could potentially correlate to a cancer prognosis.

What was crazy was that she already knew a lot about eating green and the benefits that go along with doing so–and so that was an easy transition to make—but when she learned more and more about the hidden toxicity in everyday items—she was surprised.

Then, she had a thought. Could there be a correlation between cancer and the clothes everyone wears? It seemed crazy. But, after doing some research she learned that cotton is one of the most pesticide-ridden crops. So, she sought out organic cotton options. There were not a lot of suppliers, but she eventually did find some manufacturers that provided a velvety, luxurious product.

How it works / Operation Process

Each design is based on some humorous event in the Simply Chickie circle and created by the owner. The designs are then printed with water-based, eco-friendly ink on blanks that are manufactured in the United States.

Any Challenges

The challenges include distribution on a large scale based on lack of funding for the manufacturing process.


Funding is supplied completely by current sales of the product and the owner’s personal savings.

Current Status, Growth and Future Goals

Simply Chickie is launching an Indiegogo campaign in March of 2016 to fund the manufacturing of the products. The baby, children’s and adult clothing is currently in Whole Foods in Rhode Island, small boutiques around the United States, and the clothing can also be found on the Simplychickieclothing website. The future goals include selling on larger platforms such as Amazon and catalogs. Getting into a large, high-end bigger box store such as Nordstrom is a goal as well as selling to the large network of hospital gift shops, airports, and resorts because several of the designs have an ocean theme.

Simply Chickie Clothing

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Learn More About the Founder

Gwen GardnerGwendolyn Gardner learned design from Karen Peterson at Hartford College and the fine art of water color from Laura Eden. She lived in Japan for a short period where she discovered the simple life and the beauty in appreciating every day. She was a teacher and in the educational arena into her 40’s when she discovered she had cancer. She decided to follow a new passion—creating a new line of clothing to disrupt what was happening in our society–create clothing that benefits our bodies while also revolutionizing the industry – thereby protecting more and more people from having to work near carcinogenic chemicals.


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