Simon Slade with Filippino Team
Simon Slade with Filippino Team

Award-Winning Performance

SaleHoo CEO Simon Slade was a Global Operator Finalist at the 2008 Champion Canterbury Awards and an Exporter of the Year Finalist at the AmCham Export Awards. That same year, Deloitte Technology recognized Doubledot Media, the parent company of SaleHoo, as one of the 500 fastest-growing companies in Asia Pacific, as well as the 23rd fastest-growing company in New Zealand. Deloitte recognized Slade’s company again in 2010 as the 44th fastest-growing company in New Zealand.

Behind the Scenes

The man behind SaleHoo, Simon Slade, started his sales and technology career in 2001 as a sales representative at Sellagence Limited. Two years later, he moved to Hewlett-Packard as its South Island territory manager.

Simon received his bachelor’s degrees in business management and marketing from Griffith University. In his spare time, he serves as vice president of the Mt. Pleasant Squash Club, and he also enjoys snowboarding and discussing startups. Above all else, Simon enjoys vacationing with his wife and baby daughter.

Simon remains fully involved with the advancement of SaleHoo. As CEO, not only does he manage and contribute to product design and supervise staff and daily operations, but he also oversees the strategic direction of the company.

The Future of Online Sales

The perpetual advancement of technology puts e-commerce in a constant state of flux, but Simon and his team do their best to keep SaleHoo in line with, if not ahead of, the ever-changing industry.

In the future, the SaleHoo directory will become more deeply integrated with the suppliers listed, allowing members to contact suppliers directly through the site and receive instant quotes for products.

Simon says, “I would like to see SaleHoo integrated with the top sales channels, such as Amazon and eBay, so members can source and sell through SaleHoo as a single solution.”

Get in Touch


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SaleHoo CEO and Co-Founder Simon Slade can be contacted via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and his website.


  1. Sounds like they’re dedicated to bringing great deals online! It’s always awesome to learn how a company started out.


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