When start-ups want a strong brand voice and distinctive personality to showcase their brand, they turn to Mugsy PR. With campaigns that shine as bright as co-owner Emily Taffel’s pink hair, the 3-year old firm is young, but mighty.

Take for instance their very first client, a Sunrise, Florida based Soul Food restaurant that was struggling so badly they were about to close their doors. Through a strong social media campaign and a national PR push, the same restaurant was featured on Food Network just 2 years later.

Stories like this are a common thing at Mugsy. A blend of start-ups, performers and artists looking to cause a stir on the scene and a slew of hospitality and luxury clients – the industries where co-owners Emily Taffel and Sarah Caro began their careers – the Mugsy PR client roster is strong and quite eclectic with success stories in abundance.

It all began 15 years ago when Emily began her career at Haber & Quinn, a boutique public relations firm that specialized in luxury and yachting PR. Sarah began working there two years later and there was immediate magic – these girls were meant to work together. With Caro on logistics and Taffel at the creative helm, they rose the ranks in the PR world, heading to separate powerhouse agencies.

“I wouldn’t trade the corporate experience for anything,” Taffel said while discussing her time at rbb PR (now rbb Communications) and LXR where she opened their social media division. “What I learned was priceless, there wouldn’t be a Mugsy PR without it, but I always felt like a wildflower among the roses.”

Equally as talented as their peers but with a desire to try some new techniques that the more traditional firms were unwilling to try, Taffel and Caro would sit for hours discussing how to create the same quality of work available at larger agencies with a small team and a lot of big ideas.

Mugsy PR

Then one night, while watching the film “We Bought A Zoo”, Emily heard the quote “Sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage,” and it stuck. Within ten minutes she made up her mind and written a resignation letter, giving her two week notice the next day.

Less than a year after opening, Mugsy PR was bringing in more clients than one person could manage simply by word of mouth (to date they have not paid for marketing or advertising), and Emily called Sarah to join the team.

“Emily called and pretty much said, ‘Hey – want to make no money and have lots of stress and work together again?!” Caro tells us, laughing. “And of course I said yes!” Caro is now the co-owner and Vice President of Mugsy PR.

Over the following year the ladies added a Social Media Manager, a Graphic Designer / Photographer and a phenomenal group of Account Executives to handle client campaigns, each member of the team as unique as the last.

“When we walk into a room, you know Mugsy PR has arrived,” Taffel added. “You are more likely to catch me in a pinup dress than a business suit in meetings and most of our team will have exposed tattoos and piercings, and we love that. We enter with full confidence in our creativity, our individuality, and our ability to produce work that gets results for our clients year after year.”

Mugsy PR currently has a client roster that spans the country from LA to NY to their own backyard in South Florida. With 5 new accounts waiting to on-board with the company, they are hiring and growing at a rapid pace. The Mugsy PR team is definitely leaving their mark on the industry – one ‘Mugsy Madness Moment’ at a time.

Learn More About Mugsy PR: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin


  1. that is so awesome that they took control of their futures by taking a chance with creating mugsy pr. I also really love that We Bought A Zoo helped give the push to resign and do this. Excited to see how they continue to grow

  2. If being proud of your company and your team could really, truly be shown by our heads growing, Sarah and I would look like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons right now. We are beaming over the article on Mugsy PR on Hello Tesla today. We put a screenshot below, but if you’d like to read the whole thing (and you should because, you know, we would totally read your entire article too!) just click here (

  3. Thank you all so much for all of the kind words. We love this company with all our hearts and we were definitely excited to share our story. The responses are heartwarming and overwhelming and you are all awesome. Keep on working hard! It pays off!

  4. Posted a comment previously, but not sure if it posted correctly so I’m trying again! 🙂 Thank you all so much for your kind comments. We love this company and we love that we can help share the message that you CAN be yourself 100% in business. We always joke that we are not sharks in business, we can be dolphins and still make it!


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